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Hyperlinked encyclopedia entry provides an extensive personal and political profile of the US Senator for Illinois and candidate for US President.

Barack Obama - U.S. Senator for Illinois

Official site includes biographical material, latest news, constituent services, upcoming events, photo gallery, information for visiting DC

MySpace.com - Barack Obama - 46 - Male - CHICAGO, Illinois - www ...

Official profile page for Barack Obama includes his blog, blurbs, news clips, videos and comments from his MySpace friends.

Barack Obama | 2008 Presidential Candidates | washingtonpost.com

Provides collected news and analysis along with a concise biography, event schedule and campaign finance information.

Twitter - Barack Obama

Brief reports from the presidential candidate on what he's doing and thinking.

Barack Obama - new president
Change has come to America

November 4, 2008
WASHINGTON — Barack Obama was elected the nation's first black president Tuesday night in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

Veep Hunt Tops To-Do List for Obama, McCain
June 7, 2008
Finding a running mate tops the summer to-do lists of John McCain and Barack Obama, and each needs to decide what he wants as much as who he wants.

Poll: Obama Leads McCain by Slight Margin
June 6, 2008
If Nader, the independent, is not included, Obama's lead is 49 percent to 46 percent. About one in five voters say they may change their minds. Four in 10 Democrats say Hillary Rodham Clinton should stay in the race until the party's August convention.

Obama, Hillary Hold Private Meeting
June 5, 2008
WASHINGTON - Likely U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and former rival Hillary Clinton were meeting privately on Thursday night at her home in Washington, news media reported.

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